Job Details

London Based Close Protection Officers Needed

Company: Centurion Guards Ltd
Company: Centurion Guards Ltd
£20 (per hour)
The minimum we pay for SIA Badged Close Protection Officers is £20.00 per hour

About Us

We supply security professionals to very high net worth individuals and families across London.

You are:
• 1. Used to dealing with potentially violent situations in a controlled manner
• 2. Never lose your temper
• 3. Are hyper-vigilant or street smart, very threat aware
• 4. Have an excellent attitude
• 5. Looking for long term close protection positions

You have:

• A. Have a valid SIA close protection license
• C. Regularly (at least twice per week) train in unarmed combat or strength exercises
• D. Speak clear English
• E. Live in or very close to London

What we need you to send to us

• A copy of your cv
• Your SIA badge number
• Specific details of your at least two years of hands-on security experience
• Details of the type of unarmed combat & or regular strength training schedules
• Your height & weight


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